The equation of line a is . If line m has a negative reciprocal slope to line a and passes through point (2, –4) what is the y-intercept of line m?

 (A) –14
 (B) –4.4
CORRECT  (C) –3.6
 (D) 4.4
 (E) 6
Recognize the GMAT Topic Being Tested
The question is testing knowledge of geometry, particularly coordinate plane geometry.

Write Down the GMAT Information NOT Given in the Question
The standard form for an equation of a line is y = mx + b.

The coordinate point for the y-intercept is defined as (0 , y).

Connect the Information Not Given to the Information Given
Because the equation given is not in standard form, we need to start by manipulating that equation to reflect standard form.le.


5x = y – 6
5x + 6 = y
y = 5x + 6

Thus, the slope of line a is 5 and the y-intercept is 6.
Line m has a slope of . Begin by creating the equation of line m: .

Rule: All points on a line will work in that lines equation.
To find b substitute the given point (2, –4) into the equation of line m.

–4 = –0.2(2) + b
–4 = –0.4 + b
–3.6 = b

Reread the Question Asked and Select an Answer
Choose C.

Do not neglect to reread the question, answering the wrong question is often a mistake the novice test-taker makes.
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