A new voice-recognition system can limit access to airplane controls, including those required to pilot the aircraft, to those people who have been licensed to fly the aircraft. The system identifies the person's voice by analyzing not only the tone of the voice, but also characteristics such as accent, speaking speed, and volume. Even the most adept impersonators cannot duplicate all the characteristics that the system takes into consideration.
Which statement can most logically be concluded from the above passage?

 (A) No one can fly an airplane equipped with the system solely by virtue of their skill at impersonating voices.
 (B) In case of a major emergency this system could lead to a terrible airplane crash and will not, for that reason, be used by major airlines.
 (C) This voice-recognition system is the culmination of many years and millions of dollars of research and development.
 (D) In the wake of 9/11, most airplanes will soon be equipped with these systems to prevent terrorist attacks.
 (E) Even authorized pilots can be barred from flying their own planes if something is amiss in their voice.
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