No resident of Country X should consider the loss of the traditional tribal structure to be a tragedy. When tribal traditions dominated the culture of Country X, the economy was extremely depressed. However, since the loss of the tribal tradition, Country X has experienced the fastest growth of any economy on the continent. Per capita income has increased more than twentyfold, the trade deficit has become a trade surplus, and the unemployment rate is at an all-time low.

Which of the following questions, if answered, would be most helpful in evaluating the validity of the argument above?

 (A) How long did tribal structures in Country X exist before they were lost?
 (B) Is the tribal structure the only part of traditional culture that Country X has lost?
 (C) Are there any other countries with similar tribal structures that have also experienced recent economic growth?
 (D) What percentage of residents in Country X considers the loss of traditional tribal structures to be a tragedy?
 (E) Are there any sectors other than high technology that have experienced an increase in jobs?
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