A psychobiologist recently discovered that gorillas that have weakened immune systems tend to be more antisocial than do gorillas with normal or high immune system activity. She concluded from this that the immune system, at least in gorillas, protects against antisocial behavior as well as against diseases of the body.

The psychobiologist's conclusion depends on which of the following assumptions?

 (A) High immune system activity protects against antisocial behavior in gorillas better than normal immune system activity does.
 (B) Antisocial behavior in gorillas is similar to physical diseases in the way it affects body systems.
 (C) Gorillas with high immune system activity cannot develop antisocial behavior.
 (D) Antisocial behavior does not cause gorillas’ immune system activity to decrease.
 (E) Behavioral training to cure antisocial behavior is not as effective as pharmacological treatment.
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