Our services provide affordable access to the resources and information needed to increase the number of underrepresented minorities and low income students that enter college and graduate. We partner with organizations and individuals to provide access to exceptional educational resources allows us to maximize the reach of our programs and help the greatest number of individuals.

Our approach to college readiness far exceeds providing a single test preparation course. Instead, we emphasize support services, distribution of vital information, and assistance with the college application process. Our educational services are customized to eliminate any inefficient or redundancies and to ensure that our partner organizations have access to college readiness programs – from SAT preparation courses to cultural awareness and financial aid workshops – that will guide their students to educational and career success.

Community Outreach

Bell Curves staff consistently and happily provides services to support the dispensation of information and the growth in cultural capital available to traditionally under-served communities. Bell Curves outreach events include:

  • College Bound Networking Events for Educators
  • Test Preparation Information Sessions
  • High School Planning Workshops
  • College Planning Workshops

Test Preparation Courses

Combining customized materials with energetic and knowledgeable instruction, the Bell Curves team takes test preparation beyond mechanical memorization and routine methodology. Our professional staff and proven instructional philosophy will help students reach and exceed their best score. From distance learning for ACT preparation to regents tutoring, Bell Curves programs deliver the key skills for top scores.

Professional Development

Our professional development programs provide educators and administrators with the benefit of drawing upon our years of knowledge and resources in test preparation. Designed to provide administrators and educators with the tools to affect substantial change in the preparation level of their students, these training programs can be customized to provide the exact level of detail desired.

Free Informational Services

Curious about test preparation or Bell Curves? Contact us to arrange a free Information Session where one of our skilled instructors will introduce students, parents, and/or program administrators to test preparation, its role in the college admission process and the best way to prepare for it.

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