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*All times listed are EST.
Thursday - June 19th 7:00pm EST 9:30pm EST Math Basics & Number Properties
Thursday - June 26th 7:00pm EST 9:30pm EST Sentence Correction
Thursday - July 3rd 7:00pm EST 9:30pm EST Arithmetic & Reading Comprehension
Thursday - July 10th 7:00pm EST 9:30pm EST Algebra & Assumption-based Questions
Thursday - July 17th 7:00pm EST 9:30pm EST Geometry & Content-based Questions
Thursday - July 24th 7:00pm EST 9:30pm EST Statistics, AWA, Integrated Reasoning & Strategy
Thursday - July 31st 7:00pm EST 9:30pm EST Review and Q&A
Thursday - August 7th 7:00pm EST 9:30pm EST Review and Q&A
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