Our mission at Bell Curves is to create partnerships and programs that support typically underrepresented groups as they seek entry into business school. Our business school services provide working professionals and the organizations that support them with information, advice, and preparation in order to effectively research schools, prepare for the GMAT, and file applications. We understand that this process can be long and confusing and we work to make navigating it as simple and affordable as possible. Bell Curves team of test preparation experts, organizations partners, and active alum provide our students a network of resources that empower them and allow them to put their best foot forward when applying to schools.

Our suite of services for Business School students include:

Free Informational Sessions

Our free informational sessions allow business school candidates to learn about the process of applying effectively to business school and how Bell Curves can assist in the achievement of that goals. Each of our free events are designed to provide business school candidates with more information about the business school application process and the components of an effective application.

Test Preparation Courses

Our unique courses focus on ensuring our test-takers' command of the fundamental quantitative and verbal skills tested by the GMAT before teaching the more advanced concepts and strategies. Unlike other course providers, we do not skimp on the number of class hours or make assumptions about the level of preparedness. Our programs are designed to help test-takers increase their knowledge of what is tested on GMAT, recognition of when to use the knowledge they have, and execution of those skills during the tests. This approach allows our test-takers to achieve score gains that other companies cannot.

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Topic Workshops

Our unique workshops are designed to provide focused classroom instruction in individualized areas to allow test-takers to focus on a particular subject area. Ranging from a basic math or verbal skills workshop to statistics workshop these workshops provide expert instruction and focused attention on the exact areas of that need work without extra expenditure of time and resources on areas that have already been mastered.

Self-Study Programs

For test-takers who choose to work on their own we offer services designed to provide support, guidance, and supplement materials. From books and flashcards to online study and practice materials, our self-study materials offer access to our revolutionary techniques and approaches even when a test-taker cannot attend a class or meet with a tutor.

Private Tutoring

Our private tutoring services are designed to allow individuals to receive our exceptional curriculum in a one-on-one setting. For students who prefer an even more intimate setting than our small classes private tutoring offers personalized syllabi and flexible scheduling.

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