Score Select for GRE Starts Next Week

ETS informed the world in April 2012 that ScoreSelect was going to become available in July, and that option is just around the corner.

ScoreSelect allows test-takers greater flexibility in deciding what scores to send to schools. The move is part of ETS’ ongoing push for a more test-taker friendly platform, and will provide test-takers with the comfort and security of knowing that a non-representive score doesn’t ever have to make it to admissions offices at schools. This relief should allow more test-takers to go in feeling confident and put their best foot forward come test day.

The ScoreSelect option is available both on test day and afterwards. Here are the particulars for test-takers, straight from ETS:

On test day, when viewing their scores at the test center*, they can select the:

  • ScoreSelect Most Recent option — Send their scores from their current test administration (FREE).
  • ScoreSelect All option — Send their scores from all administrations in the last 5 years (FREE).

Test takers can decide which option to use for each of their 4 FREE score reports.

After test day, test takers can send Additional Score Reports for a fee and select:

  • ScoreSelect Most Recent option — Send their scores from their most recent test administration.
  • ScoreSelect All option — Send their scores from all administrations in the last 5 years.
  • ScoreSelect Any option — Send their scores from one OR many test administrations in the last 5 years.

The best part of all of this may be that the option is applicable to all reportable test results from the last five years. So, if you’ve been stressing about that one unrepresentative score from a couple years back when you took the test with pneumonia (even though you knew you shouldn’t have), here’s your chance to strike it from the record, so to speak.

Now that there’s one less excuse, it’s time to get that testing done! Of course, you’re still trying to get the best score possible, which means you should prep. The right way. Here are a couple things to take into account as you’re getting ready to take the test:

1) Don’t let ScoreSelect create a false sense of security – The GRE is expensive. It’s also no walk in the park. So don’t treat the real thing like a practice test. You’ll have to wait 60 days and part with another $160 to take it again. That means…

2) Don’t take the test until you’re ready – Many people do some preparation, take a practice test or two, then go in and take the exam expecting (hoping might be a better word) for improvement from the practice test to the real thing. That almost never happens, and usually the opposite happens.


The bottom line: Don’t take the real thing until your practice tests tell you you’re likely to get the score you want, not the score you’re hoping for. You should take 4 or 5 practice tests and see consistent results near or, better yet, above where you want to score on the real thing before you sit for the the official test.


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