Akil Bello

Current Location:

Bronx, NY


Bachelor of Architecture, Pratt Institute


Akil is Co-Founder of Bell Curves and oversees all aspects of the development of programs and materials, as well as the training of teachers. He has worked as a teacher trainer and materials developer at three different test prep companies, bringing his unique humor and intelligence to every endeavor. After spending 15 years teaching every standardized test in the known universe, he joined his brother and father in founding Bell Curves. In an effort to be as much like his father (an educator with over 4 decades of experience) as possible, Akil has made education his life, grown a beard, and fathered 2 beautiful boys. Akil also is a technophile and can be found blogging at www.blog.bellcurves.com or tweeting at www.twitter.com/akilbello

  • (646) 414-1586
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